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The Weeknight Special - Large

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    This package will make your meal planning easy! It features cuts of meat that are budget friendly and easy to use. 

    You'll get:

    - 3 Roasts (Average weight will be 2-5 pounds)

    - 10 pounds of ground beef in 1-pound packages

    - 1 Top Round Steak (averaging 2 pounds)

    If you select the date night add-in, you'll also get two premium steaks. You might get New York Strips, T-Bones, Rib Steaks, or Boneless Ribeyes. If you have a preference, let us know in the comment box when you're placing your order and we'll try to make sure you get your favorite!

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  • Weight:

    23.0 lb

The Beef

All of our beef is home raised on the Padlock Ranch in Wyoming and Montana. Our cattle are grain fed by our crews no matter the weather, and we are careful to make sure that they have as few bad days as possible.