Are you tired of buying beef:

  • That leaves you disappointed?
  • That's tough?
  • That just doesn't have a lot of flavor?
  • That you have no idea where it comes from?

  • Premium Quality Beef

    Dry-aged and highly marbled, our beef is full of flavor and mouthwateringly tender.

  • Ranch-Raised

    All our beef is raised on the Padlock Ranch along the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and Montana.

  • Delivered Right to Your Door

    Sourcing high-quality beef has never been easier with our delivery options.

We know how frustrating it is to spend time sourcing beef that leaves you disappointed. We make it easy to put great beef on your table.

"Have to say that this is the BEST beef we've ever had! We highly recommend and have sent beef packages to family members outside of the area who agree as well. Our freezer is stocked with Padlock Premium Beef" - Karen F.

  • Choose your box

    Pick the bundle that fits your family or choose your favorite cuts.

  • Place your order

    Order online and select your shipping speed.

  • Enjoy the best beef you've ever had

    With beef that ships to your front door, all you need to do is cook and enjoy!

Behind the Beef

When you choose Padlock Premium Beef, you get to make any night a celebration. Nothing brings people together like beef, and our dry aged and marbled beef will make even the simplest dinner special event worthy.

We focus on sustainability and animal welfare as we raise our cattle along the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and Montana. Our beef is grain finished, which adds tenderness and marbling, and dry aged, which gives it more flavor and increases the tenderness even more.

Founded in 1943 by the Scott Family, Padlock has always been a family-owned ranch. We take pride in the cattle we raise, the land we take care of, and our

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