Bringing People Together -- How to Make Hosting Less Stressful This Summer!

Bringing People Together -- How to Make Hosting Less Stressful This Summer!

There's nothing like grilling beef to bring people together. Set a tray of steaks fresh off the grill on the counter, and the smell and anticipation will draw everyone in!

The idea of hosting can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Follow these tips for summer hosting without the stress and enjoy the rewards.

One. Cooking from scratch for a crowd can be time-consuming and stressful. Even if you love to cook, spend your time on one or two things and keep everything else simple. It makes getting food on the table much less stressful. Summer is a great time to grill meat for the main attraction and let everything else be easy.

Sides can be made in advance or store-bought. Dress up a bagged salad by transferring it to a pretty serving bowl and adding toppings. Purchase an artisanal bread loaf and toast it with butter and garlic for an easy accompaniment to steaks. For burgers, make a simple cucumber salad ahead of time to brighten up the meal. Frozen fries or sweet potato fries can be tossed in the air fryer and left alone while enjoying company.

Ask your guests to help by bringing a salad or side dish. People like to contribute, and it will be one less thing to worry about. 

Two. Little touches can make a big difference in making guests feel special without a lot of work. Set up a cute drink station by pouring store-bought lemonade into a pretty jug and slicing up lemons, berries, or mint to make it look homemade. Pick out some cute cups and paper straws to lay out. Add a small vase with greenery from the yard to complete the look, and you’ll have an adorable drink bar to welcome your guests with – without a lot of effort.

You can do this with any kind of drink you’d like to serve. This is a great place to let your creativity shine!

Three. Don't forget the music! Having the right background music can change the feel of the night. Take a few minutes to browse Spotify or make your own playlist to play when your guests arrive. Do take a second to make sure that the playlist is long enough. You won’t need to change the music halfway through the night. Music helps ease any awkward silences, especially with new guests.

Four.  When guests arrive, don’t let yourself get distracted by doing things. Focus on the people! The little details we’ve talked about are fun, but people will remember laughing and enjoying your company. Prioritize this over trying to do everything.

Five. Don't overthink it! Gathering family, friends, or neighbors around the table is a great way to make memories this summer. Hosting doesn't need to be intimidating.


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